$375.00 USD

Read our terms and conditions of this purchase HERE. However, a few key call outs: 

  • This purchase is non-refundable and must be utilized within 6 months.
  • Coach Social LLC Does Not Guarantee Results.
  • You may not duplicate, disseminate, distribute, or otherwise disclose any part for any reason to third parties.

Power Hour | 60 Minutes of 1:1 coaching

Upon purchasing, you'll receive a link to schedule and Sophia will be in touch to get anything she needs to prep for your call. 

On this call you can:

➡️ Get unstuck around a marketing problem you're having. 


"Why isn't this working?"
Or, "Can I get this to work better?"

➡️ Get an audit on your content from Sophia 


"I feel like my messaging isn't as strong as it could be... what am I doing wrong?"

➡️ Put together a strategy around something 


"I'm headed into a launch in 3 months, what should I be focused on to make this my best launch yet?" 

In other words, whatever's keeping you stuck, unsure, or uninspired -- let's problem solve. 

Got questions? Email us at [email protected]