Take me to my options!
Take me to my options!


Members who have reported back to us say they take an average of 1.5 hours a week when they use our content prompts + templates. 


Members who have reported back to us say our prompts + templates consistently get more results than when they create content alone.


Members who have reported back to us shared they saved between $350 - $750 a month because they were able to let go of designers and social media VAs...


100% of members who have reported back have shared they feel much more clear about how to create content to build their authority + create relationships 


The Go-To Coach Club has supported coaches who work accross all industries! Health, nutrition, eating disorder recovery, business, marketing, copywriting, filmmaking, book publishing, acting, singing, manifestation, inner child healing, sleep coaching, money coaching, real estate, brain therapy, cake decorating... the list goes on. AND ON. 


50% of our members are annual members. And we have a 95% annual retention rate every year. Almost unheard of in content memberships! 

Because you wished

for better content 

+ more time...

It’s Tuesday, you’re shutting down your computer and running through your mental to-do list to make sure you got it all done when it hits you: You haven’t posted on social media since last Thursday!


​You re-open your laptop and you pray inspiration will strike in the next few minutes.

But it doesn’t.

Half an hour later, you’re still uninspired. But now you’re pulling your hair out and yelling, “WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I POST?” 

Sound familiar? I’ve been there. 

And back then, all I wanted was to have a genie in a bottle who could give me some ideas, tell me what hashtags were going to trend, or just write something for me!!!

Does that sound familiar, too?

If you answered, “YES!” Then your wish is my command!


...constantly feel stuck about how to share relevant, personal, clever content on your social media platforms.

...wish you could hire a social media manager but you just don’t have the budget…

...understand consistency on social media is important but you don’t have the bandwidth to stick to a plan.

...want more time to grow your business!

...feel like you’re always the last to know about any trends or features.

...wish you knew what social media tools and hacks were out there.

If you’re looking for fill-in-the-blank caption templates, you’re in the wrong place. This is not a mad-lib hack house 🙂

This is where I help you create and develop a memorable online brand. 

I am not interested in making you sound like everyone on the internet. That won’t help you or your business.

I'm also not interested in selling you a one-size-fits-all ANYTHING.

I'm ALSO not interested in quick fixes or secret pills. They don't exist, and I want to work with people who understand that + are ready to step into their mission + be a go-to coach.

So if you're looking for one of the hundreds of mad-lib style social media memberships out there that’ll help you post ineffective and unstrategic content in 5 minutes a day, this isn't it.

But if you’re a coach who wants the tools and resources to help you create that go-to coach factor, I can’t wait to introduce you to some of your brand new Go-To Coach Club family…

I need this. How do I sign up?


Can't wait to welcome you!

G2CC Monthly

$99/per month

Grandfathered In Pricing

  • Weekly content guides complete with detailed content prompts and CANVA templates so you can create strategic content in a pinch!
  • Monthly problem solving sessions so you can sign up for 1-1 attention to get feedback or clarity on something that is holding you back
  • Monthly strategy calls where I will or an awesome guest expert will dive into next level marketing content so you’re always ahead of the curve.
  • The Pitch Database so you can find like-minded coaches to collaborate with (think: instagram lives, podcasts, collab reels … all kinds of ways to get in front of new audiences!)
  • Our paid members only Facebook group so you can get quick questions answered from me, hear what’s working for others, and get accountability.
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G2CC Annual

$792/per year

Grandfathered In Pricing | Most Popular

  • Everything in Monthly Plan
  • 4  Months FREE
  • Discounted prices on 1-1 coaching and VIP days
  • Priority for any bonus audits from myself or guest experts that happen on our strategy calls
  • The LAUNCH CLASS! Learn my strategy for using social media to bring more nurtured traffic to your free trainings.
  • The LAUNCH CLASS CANVA templates… I also created 20+ CANVA templates for you to steal and re- make as many times as you’d like. Now you don’t have to spend 20+ hours on CANVA for every launch!
  • The LAUNCH CLASS caption templates… I’ve written 20+ captions you can steal to help with engagement and sales. 
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WTHTP Monthly

$55/per month

Not ready for the G2CC? Maybe What the Heck to Post (WTHTP) would be a better fit.

  • Weekly content guides complete with detailed content prompts and CANVA templates so you can create strategic content in a pinch!
  • Fix your Feed class where I explain how to make sure your feed is ready to receive clients; so potential clients know the information they need to make the next step.
  • It's the perfect solution if you want strategic, consistent content but not all the coaching and trainings.
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