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I'm a social media strategist with a proven record for increasing a brand’s following, engagement, and reach.

My clients have tripled attendance at their free events, gone from 800 followers to 50k followers, increased opportunities for podcasts, magazines and even TV features, and one of my clients had a 6 figure launch from her Direct Messages... 

In a previous life I spent 18 years living in Asia, played a Russian assasin, and founded a social media marketing agency for multiple 6 + 7 figure coaches.  

Now I'm the creator of the online communities, the Go-To Coach Club and What The Heck To Post. 

If you're here, you're looking for strategy. 

Learn 12 strategies to find and convert your next client on social media. 

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Ep 20. Money, money, money… (and how to manifest more of it with Jamie Berman)


This episode is for you if you…

➡️…want to create more money but are feeling STUCK 

➡️…want to identify a money block that may be holding you back 

➡️…have money beliefs that you’re fully aware of but don’t know what the heck to do about them. 

This conversation is FULL of practical tips for shifting your relationship with money so you can pave the way to create more of it.