Newsflash: Your marketing


burn you out.


Here's how I can help…

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Your marketing


burn you out.


Here’s how I can help…

01: Pocket CMO


Pocket CMO is a tool that provides everything a CMO would create and strategize for you ... but without the $250k price tag.

Enjoy cut-the-time templates on ALL the content you create on a weekly basis, step by step strategies to help you grow, nurture and sell, plus monthly group coaching directly with Sophia. 

It’s available as a monthly or annual membership.

Book a free call to see if it’s a fit.

02: VIP Experience


Say goodbye to the VIP days that are essentially 6 hour brainstorming sessions. Instead, we’ll meet for a 6 week experience designed to actually work on a goal or finish a project. 

Check out our pre-built experience or design your own! 

Learn more here.

03: 1-1 Problem Solving Session


60 minutes of 1:1 time to trouble shoot whatever's keeping you stuck, uninspired, or not moving forward. You can get unstuck around a marketing problem you're having, get an audit on your content, brainstorm a strategy. In other words, the world is your oyster with this one! 

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Looking for just the right posts to pin? Whip your feed into shape now.
Ready to make sales in the DMs (without feeling awkward, pushy or slimy?)
A cheat sheet to help you put together a list growth plan (+16 ideas!)

Marketing #Unfiltered Podcast

The podcast that’s allergic to the marketing fluff that keeps us busy but doesn’t get results.

Tune in for business real talk, unfiltered conversations with go-to coaches in the industry, and marketing strategies that don’t suck [the life out of you].

This is by far my favorite way to connect with you.

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