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Hi, I'm Sophia.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to grow your business with marketing strategies that…

don't suck.

Read this if doing your marketing sucks [the life out of you]...

I started as a social media strategist. 

My clients went from 8k followers to 50k followers, 25k followers to 108k followers, barely being talked about to landing an episode on Joe Rogan and numerous TV gigs…

But guess what?

None of it grew their business. 

It *could* have – but just like SO many coaches, we were so focused on social media that we didn’t have the systems in place to truly leverage the content and buzz we were creating.

This is why I moved out of social media marketing and started addressing a big picture strategy.

It works a little something like this…

Here’s how we can help you…

In other words, we help you
make marketing suck less

A bit about me...


Hi! I'm Sophia. 

Entrepreneur, world traveler, one of those annoying people who thinks her dogs are her kids, temporary Londoner, matcha latte guzzler … I work with coaches because I think you bring a whole lotta good to the world and I want to help you help more people.

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The best part? I've been lucky enough to help hundreds of you... 

Marketing #Unfiltered Podcast

The podcast that’s allergic to the marketing fluff that keeps us busy but doesn’t get results.

Tune in for business real talk, unfiltered conversations with go-to coaches in the industry, and marketing strategies that don’t suck [the life out of you].

This is by far my favorite way to connect with you.

Podcast deets

Marketing Minute

The text list you didn’t know you needed…

Get ready for three texts a week sharing perspectives that’ll shift your marketing into focus, reminders of things we forget far too often, plus quarterly Q+A days where you can text back and forth with Sophia on whatever is keeping you stuck.

Just text marketing to (917) 810 2418 

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Marketing Mail

The weekly email that’s bringing sexy [to newsletters] back… 

We leave the “inspiration” to the other marketing coaches, ‘cause honestly? Inspo isn’t paying your bills. 

Instead, this newsletter takes it one stop further and focuses on actionable tools and implementation.

We get emails from people all the time telling us we’re the only newsletter they read because it ACTUALLY delivers.

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