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 That’s where stroke victims go to get back on their feet using the power of fitness (which is exactly what my husband did to experience a miraculous recovery after his stroke in 2019...) 


When my husband had a stroke, he lost his short term memory for 6 months and had some very scary mood swings.

Once he told me he wanted a divorce because I got him the wrong Starbucks order 😳  

Our doctor told us these kinds of mood swings were normal, and could last his whole life.

As you can imagine, it was a very scary time for all of us, especially Bradley. 

We learned that his stroke was caused by two holes in his heart.

Even after we closed the holes, he was told he’d never be able to go back to fitness, one of his passions.

But with lots of dedication and support from his doctors, Bradley started using fitness to recover.

And two years later, he was offered a job at the world’s leading fitness company: Peloton. 

Very few rehab organizations incorporate fitness into their clients’ rehab after a stroke.

But Stroke Of Luck is different. 

Just like Bradley, they believe physical training is a necessary part of healing, even for a brain injury.

And I truly don’t believe Bradley would be where he is if he didn’t challenge his doctors on the belief that fitness wasn’t in his best interest. 


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